Cingomma YouTattoo Belt (camouflage)


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The Cingomma YouTattoo belt is made from a real bicycle tyre using a pretty cool technique called Water Transfer Printing.
Every belt is a unique piece, which is immersed in a liquid containing a magic film. This process prints a graphic design on the belt that will quickly make you the coolest member of the group!
Oh, it is also completely non-toxic to people and the environment.
The design shown here is called camouflage, it is ideal for hiding in the forest or in the savannah. In the city, on the other hand, it works in reverse, it is perfect for being noticed. ATTENTION: the risk of being pointed out as an urban warrior is very high, then don’t say we didn’t tell you!
Our products are gender neutral, breaking through the conventional man-woman divide with a natural evolution of style, because we no longer share a dependence on gender.
Height: average
Length: 110 cm