Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

Products and materials

How are Cingomma products made and why is each item unique?

What is the difference between Cingomma’s YouTattoo and Tube belts?

Where do you get the tyres from?

How does water transfer printing work?

Will my laptop fit in the backpack?

What are the exact dimensions of the backpack?

How much weight can my backpack or weekender carry?

Can you customise your products?

Is it normal that the rubber seems worn?

My son is still at school, is the backpack suitable for him?

Sizes and washing

What are the dimensions of the small and large buckles?

Can I shorten the belt length myself?

Are all of your products safe and clean?

Can I wash the product in a washing machine?

Tell the truth, do Cingomma products smell?

Orders and payments

Are the products on the website the same as those sold in physical stores?

Why are prices in a physical store sometimes different to those in the online store?

Can I order by phone?

It was here a moment ago… then the product disappeared from my basket. Why have you done this to me?

Can I add an item once I have placed an order?

Can I pay on delivery?

What methods of payment do you accept?

Production sites and headquarters

Where is Cingomma based?

Can we visit the places where your products are made?

Is your workshop really as cool as it seems in the photos?

Deliveries, returns and replacement of online purchases

How long does delivery take?

It should have arrived yesterday, but it’s not here yet. What should I do? I’m beginning to despair

If I am not happy with something, how many days do I have to return the product and how do I return it?

Companies and corporate gifts to employees

Do you offer any special deals for corporate gifts?

I have very tight deadlines, is this a problem?

Interesting facts and numbers

Can I give my broken bicycle tyre to Cingomma?

How many tyres do you recycle?

Retailers and physical stores

Can I buy Cingomma products in a physical store?

The product I am looking for is not on sale in any of the stores in my city. What can I do?