Our History

Cingomma’s unusual approach to e-commerce

Cingomma does NOT accept online purchases if there is a physical store within your area.

We know that this may seem very unusual, but here at Cingomma, our distribution network takes priority over profit.

Defending jobs is part of our mission, so when we decided to open an E-commerce store, we took this decision to protect the men and women who have supported us from the start.

We have chosen to respect work and we are very proud of our choice and are sure that you will support us in our mission.
To find the nearest store to you, please go to our store locator page.

Cingomma was established 10 years ago by the hands (literally) of Maurizio

Well aware of how the world of business works in an industrious city such as Turin, he decided to focus on a product created on the basis of an industrious approach rather than an industrial one, putting his heart, soul and hands into his work.

The challenge was to combine passion, skill and talent to create a product that embodies the values and ethics of a group of friends who chose to improve the world in which we live: one day, they had an idea!

Every year, 380,000 tons of tyres are destined for disposal and that’s just in Italy. Cingomma does not want to live in a world covered by a black waste tip, so it has chosen to recycle this material, subjecting it to advanced cleaning treatments and transforming it into highly desirable clothing accessories: extraordinarily beautiful, extra strong, Italian….unique!

Our partnership with Positive Causes

Protecting the environment and creating jobs in the area and communities where we work is a mission that has earned us certification from Positive Causes, an association that builds networks between companies.

Cingomma has chosen to focus on local artisans, without outsourcing production and has decided to limit access to its E-commerce store to avoid conflict with its excellent network of local distributors. Why? Because Cingomma believes it is the people, each one with their own story, who make the difference.

The quality of every belt, bag or backpack is talked about every day by families, professionals and enthusiasts and Cingomma wants it to stay that way, encouraging customers to physically go into stores whenever possible.