Cartella Neoprene Grande Black & White


From the recycle of neoprene from factories waste born unique and original bags all eco friendly.

Each item is handmade, from cutting to sewing, and this makes each product a unique piece.

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The bag externally has small studs that give strength and character to the product. The shoulder strap is made with bicycle inner tubes. The used tire, applied to the bag, can be of different colors (white, cream, caramel, black) and different types of tread. The bag inside is divided into 2 compartments and a pocket. Robusta e resistente è utilizzabile come borsa da lavoro, borsa ventiquattrore, portadocumenti, cartella A4 da professoressa, borsa per ufficio o università ecc.

Misure: 42x7x30h (cm)