Cingomma bags, where innovative design meets upcycled materials to create unique and sustainable accessories. Each bag is the result of a creative process that transforms only seemingly end-of-life materials into elegant fashion solutions. Explore our lines to discover bags that are not only beautiful and practical, but also friendly to the planet.

Le linee

Innertube bags

Bags made from innertubes are the epitome of durability and flexibility. These distinctive accessories, perfect for daily use, show the hidden beauty in recycled materials, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Borse Cingomma 02

Bags from billboards

Our bags made from advertising signs are colorful and vibrant, each with a story to tell. These unique pieces capture the essence of visual advertising, turning it into attention-grabbing fashion.

Borse Cartelli Pubblicitari Cingomma

Neoprene bags

Explore the neoprene bag collection, where comfort meets modernity. Neoprene, known for its durability and elasticity, is ideal for creating bags that combine functionality and contemporary style.

Borse in materiali riciclati

The why of Cingomma

Each Cingomma bag made from recycled material is not just an accessory, but a conscious fashion statement. Choosing a Cingomma bag means embracing a more sustainable future by reducing your environmental footprint and supporting the art of creative recycling.