Category Cingomma belts, where recycling turns into fashion. Our belts are made by reusing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, such as bicycle tires and inner tubes, transforming them into eco-friendly, sturdy and fashionable stylish accessories. Each belt we offer is not just a stylish accessory, but a step toward a more sustainable future.

Le linee


212445 Cingomma Tube

212445Bicycle inner tube

43,00 €
208484 Cingomma

208484Hand-painted tyre

57,00 €
209169 Cingomma Tattoo

209169Tyre Pyton Grey

68,00 €
210348 Cingomma

210348City tyre

57,00 €
210482 Cingomma Tube

210482Bicycle inner tube

43,00 €
210591 Cingomma

210591Hand-painted tyre

57,00 €
210626 Cingomma

210626Hand-painted tyre

57,00 €
210514 Cingomma

210514Hand-painted tyre

57,00 €
212246 Cingomma

212246Hand-painted tyre

57,00 €
212189 Cingomma

212189City tire

57,00 €
210806 Cingomma

210806City tyre

57,00 €
210828 Cingomma

210828City tyre

57,00 €
210837 Cingomma

210837City tyre

57,00 €
211887 Cingomma

211887City tire

57,00 €
210865 Cingomma

210865City tire

57,00 €
212172 Cingomma

212172City tire

57,00 €

Belts Classics

The Classic line represents the essence of Cingomma. Each Classic belt is a unique piece, born from the transformation of used bicycle tires. Perfect for those who love a timeless look but don’t want to give up their environmental commitment.


Belts Tube

Tube Belts are the result of our passion for eco-friendly renewal. Made from bicycle innertubes, these belts are embellished with colorful stitching that adds a touch of vibrancy. Ideal for those who wish to express their distinctive style while keeping an eye on the environment.

210463 Cingomma Tube

Belts YouTattoo

The YouTattoo line is a celebration of design and personality. Each belt is printed using water transfer techniques, offering a “tattooed” design that makes each item absolutely unique. For lovers of daring style who want to make a difference.


The why of Cingomma

Each belts category reflects our commitment to a cleaner, fairer world. Explore the collections to find the belt that will not only complete your outfit but also tell a story of change and innovation.