XXXXXXYour belt with your tyre

79,00 €

La Tua Cintura Cingomma 1
La Seconda Vita Ita

XXXXXXYour belt with your tyre

79,00 €

Unique and numbered piece
Rejected waste n°- XXXXXXWhat does it mean?

The timeless pioneer of all lines.
Cingomma Classic, unique, eco-friendly and fashionable belt. Made from used bicycle tyres, sustainability and authentic style.

YOUR Cingomma belt is our tailor-made product designed just for YOU who live your passion every day.

With YOUR tyre you have ridden uphill, downhill, adventures. You have suffered, you have rejoiced, you have discovered places and met people.

Your companion of 1000 adventures cannot be abandoned by your cyclist or in a rubbish tip.

Send YOUR tyre to our workshop in Turin.

We will transform your tyre into a magnificent belt, YOUR belt.

Together with your belt you will also receive an exclusive key ring made from your tyre.

As soon as you have made your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions.