212397Bicycle inner tube

43,00 €

212397 Cingomma Tube
Tube Verde

212397Bicycle inner tube

43,00 €

Unique and numbered piece
Rejected waste n°- 212397What does it mean?
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Made with passion from used bicycle inner tubes, each belt is an expression of ecological renewal. Strong, unique and decorated with multi-coloured stitching, it redefines sustainable fashion for those who love a distinctive and eco-conscious style.

Cinture Box Tube Mark Cingomma

Waste taken away from the environment

Rejected waste n°– 212397

You are buying a unique, and numbered, product. The number you find on the box indicates the amount of material recovered.

How Tube Cingomma
belts are made

The tube belts are made by processing recycled bicycle inner tubes.

The material is:


Every year, in Italy alone, 380,000 tons of tires are produced for disposal.

Cingomma recovers and gives new life to 10 tons a year.

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