211368Tyre Flower orange

68,00 €

211368 Cingomma Tattoo
FIORE ARANCIONE - Indossato dimostrativo

211368Tyre Flower orange

68,00 €

Unique and numbered piece
Rejected waste n°- 211368What does it mean?

Belt made from discarded bicycle tyres and ‘tattooed’ using the water transfer method.
A collection inspired by nature, flowers and their colours.

Piccole imperfezioni sono da attribuirsi alla particolarità della lavorazione, realizzata a mano.


Cinture Box Youtattoo Mark Cingomma

Waste taken away from the environment

Rejected waste n°– 211368

You are buying a unique, and numbered, product. The number you find on the box indicates the amount of material recovered.

How Youtattoo Cingomma
belts are made

The youtattoo belts are made by processing recycled bicycle tires and “tattooing” them by hand using the water transfer method.

The material is:


Every year, in Italy alone, 380,000 tons of tires are produced for disposal.

Cingomma recovers and gives new life to 10 tons a year.

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